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When meeting with a college coach - question

Apr 13, 2009
My dd is a junior and we are visiting and meeting with a number of coaches to try to narrow down where she wants to go. I am trying to get her to the point when we really can zero in on one or two schools because she is not one of those kids that will go just anywhere just so she can play ball. Anyway, more than once, she has gotten this question from coaches, "where else are you looking?" My question is how do you answer this? Since it is early, we are researching schools, lots of them. But, what do they really want to hear? I don't want her to seem like she is just looking at everything out there and not really interested in THEM. KWIM?


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
To rephrase the question: Other than softball, what does your DD want out of the college experience?

Does she want a big school or a small school, an urban campus where the school is just one of many (e.g., U of Chicago) or a campus where the school is the center of the university (e.g., Notre Dame). What does she want to major in? What kind of social life does she want to have? Does she want a school with sororities? Does she want a religious school? Co-ed? How far away from home does she want to be?

Do not tell them what "they want to hear". Be honest with them.

Also, are you answering the questions or is your DD answering the questions? Who is talking to the coach? It should be her, not you.
Dec 3, 2008
I agree with sluggers; honesty is the best policy. And, absolutely, let your daughter do the talking, the emailing, etc.


Well I advice just let your daughter what she likes and want to do. All you have to do is motivate and encourage her.
Mar 15, 2010
When my first DD was selecting colleges she was very honest with the recruiters about her options. She was looking at several D1 schools but she was also looking at D2 and D3 schools as well. Her overriding concern was a school that was strong in her educational interests (biology and chemistry). She knew that softball could provide an education and that an education would provide a livelihood. She eventually selected a D1 school that met her educational goals and provided a scholarship opportunity. I agree with the others, keep the conversation open and honest.

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