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What would you do if you feared a travel coach could sabotage DD's chances of playing DI or even DII?

Feb 17, 2014
My 2 pennies worth.

Forget about the coach sabotaging anything.

If your daughter is a 2021, she can talk to the coach about what the coach thinks of her. If she is younger than that, there is nothing to stop your daughter from telling this coach at the next camp that she is really interested in the school. Straight up tell the coach she wants to go there. Then when she is a junior in HS, she can have a more meaningful conversation with the coach.

One thing I have learned over the years as a parent is, my opinion doesn't matter. Your opinion doesn't matter. No opinion matters other than the opinion of the coach that wants your daughter. There is a coach out there that will want your daughter. You have to go find them.
Nov 18, 2013
I guess not then. But, your kid can be the very best softball player in the nation, go to the top D1 school, win a championship, and then what? Will it ensure lifelong happiness or just, make her parents proud...
Nothing ensures lifelong happiness. Kids play softball in college at every level because they love the game. It’s not about championships or awards. It’s giving it your all and competing. Playing D1 simply means you’re facing the best players and likely getting an education at one of the best universities in the country.

Plenty to be proud of if your kid is playing at any level in college. The import thing is finding the right fit and that’s different for everyone. My son chose not to compete in any sport and I’m equally proud of both kids.
May 22, 2019
Rural northeast
I guess not then. But, your kid can be the very best softball player in the nation, go to the top D1 school, win a championship, and then what? Will it ensure lifelong happiness or just, make her parents proud...
As I look at DD the question for her is not "then what." She wants to make the most of every moment of her softball experience and live it to its fullest. She isn't doing it for some future goal, it is the opportunity to play the best ball she can for as long as she can that she wants. She has no delusions that it will lead to lifelong happiness.

She recognizes she is not going to a top D1 school. She isn't going to win a national championship. She has very clear ideas of what career she wants even as a high school sophomore. She also knows there is nothing certain about that career path.

She just got back from winter workouts and she said her teammates said she looked really fluid during an infield diving practice. I understood. She's always seemed most confident, and dare I say graceful, when she is on a softball field. All the hard work and hours she puts into practicing is her fun.

As for making me proud, whatever she would choses to do would make me proud especially if she was working hard at it. As I mentioned before, my career is in the arts. I have no particular investment in her being an athlete.
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Dec 30, 2011
One answer that has worked for my daughters is to work so hard and so well that you become so good that no coach can't say no to you anymore. Put in the daily extra work that is well planned for you to improve in the necessary areas that will make you such a standout that no coach can have an effect on your goals. Most never understand that daily means daily and not just now and then. and it is in addition to any team practices. Set long term goals with written daily steps to reach that goal. Be determined. Be relentless. Never give up on your goal.
Work DAILY. Most importantly be such a good hitter that no coach can afford to keep you out of the line up. Also be real and true with your self assessment as you continue to climb the latter to becoming the very best you can be.
May 26, 2013
If your coach is that much of a jerk to purposely sabotage a child's future, it is probably all ready known in the college coach circuit what kind of person that coach is. The sabotaging coach's word doesn't mean to much..

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