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What to do about bats

Jun 14, 2018
To start things off DD turns 12 in March, stands at 60", and tips the scale at around 86 lbs. I have been bad about getting her things for softball and not taking the old stuff away when the new comes in. When it comes to bats she has four of them in her bag at this time. They are ASA Ghost 30/20 (won in a raffle!!), 2016 Xeno 30/20 (bought used from cousin $50), 2017 Demarini Vendetta 30/28 (bought new 2 years ago), and some alloy bat that is a 30/20 for the outdoor cages. Right now she is bouncing back and forth with Demarini and the Ghost which I think is hurting her. Should I just get in her bag and take all but one bat out or just let it be?
Apr 6, 2017
My dd keeps 2 in her bag. 30 and a 31 composite. I kind of gave up trying
to keep a alloy her size. Never seemed to use it. The 30 is her security blanket.
Sep 19, 2018
Why do you think it is hurting her? Is she just randomly picking a bat for each plate appearance? Or does she think through it a little more?

My personal experience as an adult (so it may not apply), when I was changing bats, it was because I was not comfortable and confident in the box. I was looking for anything to change that feeling. Obviously, I never found it in a bat. If this is the case, she probably can't articulate it very well.
May 6, 2015
I undeerstand, DD (2007) generally wants to stick to old gear, and also has 4 bats in her bag right now, but each with a purpose.

201? LXT 30/19 we bought used for $60 (backup, was her primary bat last spring and used when hitting pitching machine balls)
2018 LXT 32/21, now her primary
2015? Easton Hyperlite 34/23, Older sisters bat (no longer plays), not much wear at all, used occasionally for tee work just to swing something heavier
201? alloy ??? 31/18, very rarely used, but if she faces someone really throwing heat, she thinks she gets it around faster. this bat is more a security blanket than anything.

took her two months to start using new mitt to get it started breaking in (she hated it at first because it was a beast to break in, now loves it one year later). couple years ago had to give away her old pink bat from 8u rec to get her to stop using it in games. recently, had to do same with old floppy glove (hard hits/throws would literally bend the web back and ball would get through) to get her to use new one. same with clothes, will insist on wearing stuff that really no longer fits because she likes it
Jul 14, 2018
To start things off DD turns 12 in March, stands at 60", and tips the scale at around 86 lbs.
DD is practically a carbon copy in terms of size & age. Her hitting coach recommended getting ahead of the growth curve and using a 32/22 starting in the fall, with the idea that she'd grow into it and be used to swinging it by the time spring rolled around. She did struggle at first, but by the end of October she was confident enough to no longer carry her 30/20 LXT (which she had pulled put a couple of times against faster pitchers).

Here in practice season, she carries two bats -- her 32/22 USSSA Ghost and an old 32/22 alloy Typhoon. The Typhoon is for hitting dimple balls, or any of those drills where the coach is pitching something other than a softball. Once the season rolls around, the Typhoon will be replaced with a 32/22 Xeno, which is just in case any official rejects the USSSA-only bat for non-UTrip events.

Long story short -- moving up her bat size gave us a reason to clear out the old bats. You might not be ready to solve the 'too many bats' problem by purchasing yet another bat, but they do grow fast at this age!
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Feb 17, 2015
Just my two cents but softball isn't golf. You don't need a bat for different situations. A good rule of thumb on bat length is to have her stand straight up with her arms at her side. Put the bat next to her leg. A proper sized bats knob should hit her around the wrist. Weight depends on how strong she is. If she is a stronger kid go with the -10. If not or doesn't have the bat speed might look at a -11. Once you decide on the size have her swing as many of the different brands as possible so she can pick the one that feels the best to her. On the number of bats my preference is to have two bats that are the same or are pretty close in weight and feel. My DD has 2. Her main bat and a back up in case that one breaks. I'm a firm believer that the bat that you use in practice is the one you use in games (unless your hitting machine balls). If you have a bat problem and need to go to BBA (bat buyers anonymous) meetings, this will strategy will help you as you will probably buy a new bat every year.

Now if she gets into a slump and is superstitious and believes it's the bat and not her, you might have her build a shrine to Jobu in the dugout. However, I would not recommend she use actual rum.;), JK.

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