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What rules do you have for playing?

Apr 30, 2018
Sometimes certain classes , teachers don't lend themselves to Honor roll grades. DD is a good student and makes good grades, my only requirement is she is giving it her best effort. If that's a B then its a B. If she is honestly doing that the grades will take care of themselves. I'm lucky in that she likes school and I get the after I finish my homework can we do so and so?

I do know a couple kids that have used grades to "get out" of certain things. Each kid is different in what they care about enough to change their behavior.. social media, phone, parties etc...
Nov 22, 2019
Minnesota, USA
You a hard, hard man!......My DD has been on the honor roll since the 5th grade (she a sophomore now) If her grades dip below that (92 is honor roll here) to say, 90 or 89, it wouldn't bother me a bit. Mind you, if she started coming home with 70's then there would be a problem. I learned from her older brother that grades aren't everything. He never was on the honor roll, around an 85 average, but he was a good student and the extracurricular activities certainly helped on every college application. He's a junior in college now, doing very well, (he's actually on the Dean's list)
Not exactly, here, we have A and B honor roll so I guess it would depend on which honor roll they require their kid to be on.
May 20, 2016
I'm pretty strict but there is a payout for it. Tell my DD's that if they maintain an above 90 average and participate in extracurricular activities they won't have to get a job and i'll spring for cars, insurance, and spending cash.

If they don't do it they have to get a job and i contribute nothing.
Oct 4, 2018
DD (12U / 5th Grade) has to maintain Honor Roll grades or extra curricular activities are out. School / Education comes first.
Same here. But that's where they were before softball. So it's more just keeping the focus on school that was already there.

I too think it depends on the kid.
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