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What do you think of lefty catchers?

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Lefty catcher

How does a lefty catcher with a right handed batter differ from a right handed catcher with a lefty batter?

I watched the college softball games and there were a TON of players hitting lefty.

I was a catcher...I guess my first thought is throwing to 3rd with a right handed batter.
Tag at home might be a challenge....

But since I'm right handed I had a difficult time visualized throwing left handed anywhere.
Lefty Catcher - No problem.

We have a lefty catcher on my daughter's 14U team. So far I see no disadvantage of being a left handed catcher. In bunt situations, I actually think her required footwork and time to get in proper throwing positions is simpler and quicker than for a righthanded catcher.

For example, take a short bunt on the third base side (close enough that a charging 3rd baseman can't get to it in time), a right handed catcher must either circle prior to getting to the ball or pick it up and spin to get into proper throwing position. The left handed catcher simply runs out, picks the ball up and is basically already in the correct throwing position. They do have a little more of challenge down the first base line, but to me not as much as a right handed catcher on the 3rd base side. Make sense?...not sure my explanation is clear but in my mind I can visualize both of our catchers fielding and throwing during our bunt coverage drills.
May 5, 2008
I've seen, played with,a dn coached a number of left handed catchers (even in college) and didn't really see any big disadvantage because of their left-handedness. Like some others said, they actually have certain things easier.
May 12, 2008
I see no problem with a lefty catcher. Being a catcher myself, there were times that I wish that I was left handed.
Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
I coach 14U with a lefty catcher. The biggest disadvantage I am concerned about is the throw to 3rd with a right handed batter in the box on a steal. The footwork and throwing angle seems much better with a right handed catcher. One might argue the same disadvantage with a righty throwing to first with a lefty batter. The difference is you are not stealing first, the throw to first is usually on a bunt where the ball is somewhat out in front of the plate.

It does seem like a problem but the player is so talented I keep her behind the plate.
Sep 15, 2009
lefty catcher

I see no problem with a lefty catcher since I am a lefty catcher it has its advantages and disadvantages...But so does a righty catcher...So it all depends on how determined the catcher is to overcome the disadvantages.
Jun 20, 2013
My daughter (age 11) is a left handed catcher on her school and little league teams. She is also on the majors LL Allstar team and they have her at catcher again. She played 2nd base the past two years and is working on her pitching, but after trying her at catcher one game they never moved her. Her all star coach says she has an advantage as a lefty catcher. My grandfather has told her she should only play outfield or 1st base. I would love some examples of lefty pitchers in college fastpitch to encourage her.