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what do you all do with jerseys, t shirts, etc. from previous orgs

May 6, 2015
reading the thread about names on jerseys got me thinking about the large collection DD has of jerseys, t shirts from previous teams. Most still fit (we generally sized her large when we ordered, thinking they could last haha:ROFLMAO:). she must have at least 20 jerseys+t shirts (DW has collected into a trash bag) from previous teams (softball, soccer, both travel and rec, about 8 teams in all), most of which she would refuse to wear again regardless of fit.

what does everyone else do with stuff from old orgs.

DW thinking about making DD a quilt out of all of them.
Nov 29, 2009
The wife went through all of the DD's old jerseys from her playing days and had a quilt made out of them. Gave it to her when she graduated college since she was done playing ball. She still has it.
Apr 16, 2013
Ok, the quilt idea is honestly epic! My wife's grandma, daughter's great grandma is 94 and hasn't missed a tick, sharp as a tack. She made a quilt for our wedding gift and it's honestly my favorite bed covering of all. I use just it during the summer and it plus other store bought stuff in the winter. But damn, 20+ years and still my fave. I wonder if she'd be able to make something for my DD with all those old jerseys. If we still have them... I think they're stuffed away in my DD's closet. I'll have to look. But what an awesome gift, even if it took her a few years to make. Something my DD would treasure for a lifetime!

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