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What age to start throwing from knees?


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Dec 13, 2019
Development level plays a role.
If already throwing with accuracy from feet.
Generally can start at 11 years old working throwing from one knee.
(strike in air pitches).
And Two knees dirt pitches.

Remember youngsters just start throwing the 12" ball in 12u. Heavier and larger ball.
(can cause a little awkward adjustment during growth)

imo,That learning curve should be accomplished first.
This is why suggested development level is important. Some youngsters development level wouldnt start knees until closer to age 12.

Prefer ability to throw from feet accurately.
Then work in knees.
Because its a different use of body!
Remember thats 3 seperate throwing mechanics that are unique to eachother!
Lets make sure one is good befor introducing new mechanics!

Encourage first applying some reps to review mechanics in motion 'without the ball' to get correct muscle memory going. This will encourage getting it correct when throwing with the ball.

Train body what we want it to do.
While thinking about the body (no ball)!
Then body can respond more easily with the ball in hand.

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Jun 26, 2019
Thanks RADcatcher, I will have to do some research on i all, I never caught but I may be coaching some 10u girls next summer.

Also, to totally hijack my own thread (I think Is ok if it’s my thread lol) if you have not seen it, try to find the highlight clip of Yadi Molinas 3-2-8 double play, it was pretty cool to see such a strange Play at that high of a level. I thought you would appreciate it.
May 23, 2015
10 is too young in my opinion to throw from the knees. Theres not a lot going on in the shoulder to begin with even less in a player that age. 12 maybe if the understand mechanics and the person teaching them understands mechanics. I never suggest throwing from knees on a steal at 2nd or 3rd