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Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
This new forum is the result of a request from one of your own -- Softballdad97. Thanks for the suggestion.

Choosing which softball equipment to spend our hard-earned money on is always a difficult decision. We all try to research as much as we can, and sometimes online reviews can be helpful. But usually you don't know who posted the review, and thus can't be sure about the quality.

That's what this forum is designed to do -- give you an opportunity to ask and answer questions about specific products. Example: are BRAND X durable below 60 degrees, or does anyone have any experience with BRAND Y catcher's gear? You can also start a thread that says "My daughter just got her X product and I have to say it's everything we hoped it would be" or "To solve this issue, the best product I've found is Z."

This is NOT a place for manufacturers or distributors to post sale items or try to sell products. Those posts will be removed immediately, and if repeated the user will be banned. Manufacturers and distributors are invited to respond to questions about their products with information (not hype) or defend their products if feedback is negative. They are also encouraged to "make it right" if a problem is described.

Finally, this is not the place for users to sell equipment. We still have the Announcements forum for that. Please post your offers there. If they get mis-placed onto this forum we will simply move them. But save us the trouble, won't you?

Ok, have at it!
Not open for further replies.

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