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Video Clip of Block and Throw

May 7, 2008
Hudson, NH
I have received a few requests to show a clip of how I teach a catcher to get up and throw to a base after a block.

The clip below is slowed down a bit so you can see the mechanics.

Basically after the block the catcher lets herself fall forward onto her hands. She falls chest toward the ball no matter where it is sitting in front of her.

The key is to position the hands on the ground so the ball is between the shoulders. The the catcher rotates her hips around her glove. As her weight comes off her hands and is on her feet her hands stay down and are now on either side of the ball.

The catcher now picks up the ball with 2 hands as she is standing up and then makes her throw to 2nd. This technique ensures that when the ball is picked up the hips are already in line with the target.

This technique can be done with the ball that ends up to the left or right of the catcher as well as in front as the clip shows.

My goal is for a catcher to make it clear that if you run on a pitch in the dirt it is not a free base and you will be thrown out. All the catcher needs to do is to get the runner to hesitate just a instant to see if the ball did get away. If they hesitate they will not be able to take that free base.

Video of Block & Throw Slo-Mo - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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