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USA and USFA Texas All Star 10u State Champs!

Apr 30, 2018
After struggling with a poorly run travel team for a few seasons, we went back to league ball this spring. Things were a bit crazy with coronavirus, but our league was able to salvage the remainder of our season with 4-10u teams and put together one All Star team. A few weeks ago we won the USFA state tournament. The final game was rained out, but we were the only undefeated team so we were awarded the championship. This past weekend it all came together at the Texas USA State Tournament. Rain ended up scrubbing the final two games, so it ended with a bit of an asterisk, but we were awarded the championship based on fewest runs allowed. We only gave up 4 runs. Next closest team had given up 11. It wasn't like we had an easy bracket either. Our first game was against the #4 finisher and second game was against the #3 finisher. The #2 team faced teams that were all knocked out. It was a brutal All Star season with heat index over 100 almost every weekend and the girls fought hard. Really proud of how hard the girls worked and how quickly they came together to gel as a team. My daughter will now have her name and picture permanently displayed on a banner at our towns softball complex. Really proud of her.

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Dec 2, 2013
Going back to League play after having a not so awesome experience happens more than you think. Congrats on having a great summer. Lake Jackson Elite?
Apr 30, 2018
So you won the USFA state, and the USA Class C state tournament? Was just wondering why that was’t mentioned in your post? Don”t get to excited about winning a C State Tournamen. Not trying to vicious, just being real.
If you read the title I clearly said this was All Stars not travel ball. To my daughter, the rest of the girls on the team, the other coaches, and the parents it meant the world to them. Last time I checked this is the shameless parent brag forum so stop being an a$$.

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