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Update on 16u starting to learn catcher position.

Aug 27, 2019
Lakewood CA.
Nothing beats live pitching. See if there are any pitchers in your area that need a catcher for workouts. You need to learn to catch curve balls, screwballs, drops ect. Also work on blocking balls in the dirt (one of the most important skills for a catcher to master). You also need to work on throw downs to second (and first and third for that matter). And of course you also need to learn (there is a lot of stuff to learn huh?) how to cover the plate properly and safely for plays at home.

The biggest thing you have going against you is that at the 16U level most catchers are pretty seasoned. So the vast majority are going to know most of this stuff. This does not mean it's impossible (see the example I posted regarding my daughter) but it is a lot of work. Hopefully you can find a team and coach that will work with you.

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