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UPDATE - New Server and Posts Disappearance


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Hello Everybody.

Let me give you an update and apologize for the inconvenience.

On Wednesday April 8th, We moved the forum to a dedicated server - not shared by anybody else - and the "change of address" (DNS name servers change) - which usually take 2-3 hours but can be up to 24-48 hours - took a little more than 24 hours to take place. You never really know.

That means that any post or anything that was posted on the forum after the change of server address was initiated (the forum was still operating on the old shared server during the change of address) was lost.

Anything posted on Thursday, April 9th is likely to have disappeared.

I didn't expect it to take that long - it usually takes very little time.

I sincerely apologize - it was a bit beyond my control.

The change was motivated because the forum is growing in popularity and I wanted to provide you with an even more stable and faster platform, so I invested and moved the forum on a new dedicated server.

The change is now completed and the forum should be good and stable for a very long time.

Feel free to restart any thread that was lost.

Marc Dagenais
Forum Owner