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UCLA continues to roll!

Feb 15, 2017
My .02 was the obstruction call at 2nd was BS. She crossed the base path to get to the ball but then cleared it before the runner got there. I would have to watch it again but I didn't think they runner had to alter her path either.
Completely agree. DW, DD and I watched that play in slo motion about 10x and we all said WTH! “Over officiating” is what we chalked it up to. Not long later same official called batter out for stepping out of the box and before they showed the replay (she was) DW said “that guy just wants attention”.
May 20, 2016
Was a tough call for sure could have gone either way.

My take away from that game is that they're so evenly matched the difference in the game was the outfield fence. 50/50 on holding it and dropping it in the top of the 7th. Was a fun watch for sure.
Apr 28, 2014
If you look closely at 55:10 and slo mo it she has the Jennie Finch fake high finish she has used I/R and the ball is long gone by the time she pulls her arm up.

@BT3100 Speaking of the UCLA game do you have it DVRed? I was wondering about what you though about the call of obstruction at 2nd base on the steal. The second baseman covers so it puts her it the base path she does clear a good path at get inside as the throw comes but they called obstruction....just not sure how a second baseman can ever cover on a steal if you can't be in the base path with out the ball...I will grant she does stay in front of the bag for a while but would be curious to get some of the umpires takes on this but don't have the video clip cause it definitely a YHTBT type thing...I thought it was kinda cheesy
That was a bad call!