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Two Strike Bunting

Aug 3, 2019
In fall, DD plays 10U B level tournament ball and also plays on a rec team that travels only to play other rec teams—-she likes the additional reps.

Played a C level team today who had an “experienced” coach bunting frequently with 2 strikes in odd spots. All of the 2 strike bunts were with top of their lineup, and none succeeded in getting the bunt down—giving away multiple outs.

One example being—leadoff hitter who was 2-2 on the day on a 1-2 count 1 out with bases empty in a 3 run game. The girl had bunted through 2 pitches prior. Needless to say she fouled off the bunt and struck out. Coach then exclaims “That’s on me”. Of course it is!

This particular team generally attracts lesser talent due to the coaches lack of knowledge chasing better girls away.

Anyone seen such careless bunting before? It seemed particularly out of context being that the girls were clearly unable to execute it and were otherwise decent hitters.
Aug 30, 2015
IMO, two options:

1. Coach doesn't really have a good grasp.

2. I believe it's a good way to teach girls how important it is to get the bunt down on one pitch. What better pressure than with two strikes!


Allergic to BS
Nov 14, 2014
I've occasionally seen bunt attempts with two strikes, and I believe that at least 90% of those were hitter brain farts. If a batter can't get a bunt down in the first two strikes, what makes anyone think it's going to happen on strike 3? It's bad enough when a coach tries stealing 3rd with two outs and a good hitter at the plate...I couldn't stay with a team where the coach intentionally tried bunting with two strikes...that would drive me insane.
Aug 20, 2017
If I have a player take a strike on a bunt I’m inclined to give bunt with two strikes due to the selfish nature of not bunting the strike. Many girls don’t want to bunt and wait to get the swing away with two strikes
Aug 3, 2019
Lol. This was definitely not a case of the coach delivering a message to girls who were taking earlier in the count.

Just one of those guys who is so far behind in the race that he actually thinks he is leading.
May 29, 2019
DD's coach has the philosophy that any batter in the lineup needs to be able to get the bunt down, at any count. He will frequently call a two strike bunt to prove the point. Of course this is A level 16U, not 10U B.
Jun 6, 2016
How important was this particular game?

I could see a scenario where the game doesn't matter much and the coach is really trying to get girls working on getting bunts down, so he has them bunt even with 2 strikes.
Aug 3, 2019
It was a regular game in a non tournament local travel rec fall league. My daughters program uses this league to get extra reps for some tournament girls and to develop younger rec pitchers who want/need mound time.

The opposing coach was definitely using it as an opportunity to win and build his ego. He pitched same starter all game, we switched pitchers every inning and pitched some 8 YOs, etc

This coach def wanted to win—he was pressuring 16 year old female umpire hard on several questionable calls.

Funny part is this same coach won’t scrimmage our regular tournament team. Definitely thrives on beating up on lower competition.
Oct 4, 2018
I tell my DD that if the coach calls for a bunt, show bunt but bring the bat back no matter what.

Then you can get back to hitting dingers. Bunts are for wimps.

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