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Tunnel Drills


With Purpose and Urgency
Sep 4, 2011
living in a cold weather state, and with all the gyms being taken for basketball, we are confined to off season practices in hitting tunnels with turf. The tunnels are about 10-12ft wide and about 50ft long.

I just went out and bought an additional 4 hitting Ts while we hit in one of the tunnels, I am trying to develop some hitting drills with the other 10 girls in the other tunnel.

Anyone have any drills offense and/or defense that we can use during tunnel work? I've looked at videos and books and none of them help.

Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Not answering your question but this can be a running drill too.

Have the runner outside the cage, they should run depending on how the batter hits the ball.
Oct 25, 2009
If you have the TCB weighted balls you could use both ends of the tunnel doing front toss. One batters hits towards one end, the other batter hits the other way.

Get a couple mirrors and have them perfect their mechanics.

Medicine balls should also work well in a small space for conditioning. And jump ropes and burpees.
Oct 19, 2009
Just a few things:
Throwing mechanics – throw, throw and then throw some more.

Mechanics of the swing - a good time to work on mechanics of the swing do it in slow motion and have the girls feel the different parts of the swing.

Tracking the ball – hitting from a tee, pick a spot on the wall etc in your mind picture a pitcher pitching a ball and track the ball to the tee and swing, you can also stand behind a net and wind mill to give the kids a reference for tracking.

Work on holes in the swing – place the ball on the tee at different pitch locations high, middle and low, inside, outside and middle and a combination of those positions remember to track the ball.

Soft toss – sit on a bucket to the side and toss the ball into the strike zone, slow to load soft to step and bam through the ball. Track the ball.

Drop drill – stand to the side and hold the ball in the strike zone above the head of the hitter, hitter watches for the hand to go up to begin swing, release the ball into the strike zone. Make sure an adult droops the ball.

Long tee – hitter hits off a tee into a long tunnel and looks for strong hits and hitter gets feedback on solid contact and line drives.

Fielding – I use a lite-flight ball baseball size, use a tennis racket and hit grounders, you can hit them hard and a miss does not always lead to a bruises.

A few things I could quickly think off.

Last of all make it fun for the kids. :)
Sep 17, 2009
Simple thing, but use the hitting tunnel in a variety of ways:

You can probably safely work three or even four tees simultaneously if you hit "sideways" (tee and side toss).

You can hit two ways a decent distance by starting both in the middle and going opposite directions (tee, side toss and short front toss from behind screen).

It's also very valuable to hit the length of the full tunnel (long tee, side toss, short front toss from behind screen).

Finally, full net machine pitch and find an older girl who will pitch to your team.

Some combo of those are great to get a lot of hitting work done.

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