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Tryout Season (aka Silly Season)

Aug 19, 2015
Atlanta, GA
It's time for that most annoying of chores; TB tryouts. Yes, teams are still playing with their current teams, but the craziness begins about this time of year.

You can add many gripes to the list. Here's one of mine:

Let's say your DD is interested in City Gold Elite Organization (made-up name). They have several teams in your child's age division ranging from decent to legitimately elite. The City Gold Elite Org carries a certain cache in your region and wearing that jersey would have a lot of benefits, even if you are only on one of the lower level teams.

So, you peruse the local boards and see multiple ads pertaining to City Gold Elite. You see ads for individual teams offering "open workouts" (meaning come practice alongside the team) to individual teams offering a specific tryout time to the dreaded "Organizational Cattle Call," I mean "Tryout."

Your kid is really interested in City Gold Elite, but can't really commit three or four different times/days to trying out for/working out with them because that would essentially mean putting all your eggs in one basket and possibly missing times with other teams that might be a good fit as well.

My gripe is with trying to sort through all the ads and figure out which is the BEST time to show up. They might give offers to studs right away as they see them and if you wait until the Org tryouts to get in front of them, you're too late. And, of course, all the good orgs have their tryouts on the same weekend.

UGH. Would love to hear other gripes and suggestions.
Apr 26, 2015
Thankfully this year DD doesn't need to tryout...but this kind of drives me crazy anyway. Our local fastpitch board didn't allow any posts for tryouts until 7/9. HOWEVER, ALL the big orgs in the area had tryouts starting 7/1. They were posted on FB, or word of mouth...and there were a ton of girls still travelling to Nationals and WFC tourneys. It is just so silly. Everyone is trying to lock down those good players but putting teams and players in very awkward positions - still needing to finish out the season with their "old" team while already committing to another team. I just wish things would slow down. It makes for such a stressful time!
Aug 19, 2015
Atlanta, GA
There's stuff going on here every weekend. We've already been to two tryouts and DD has gotten an offer, but didn't care for the team too much. There are SIX, yes six, tryouts on 8/5 for teams she is interested in. And a lot of these guys just say "come to the Org tryout" when you ask for a private tryout. Super, super frustrating.
Jul 14, 2017
DD just finished her 4th yr of travel(14u). I am completely disgusted and jaded by the TB scene. I realize that there have been situations that I could have/should have handled better and I have learned SO many things along the way. However the nature of the beast just sets the stage for every player/family to do what is in their own best interest. It truly is hard to develop and maintain the meaning of TEAM in such a competitive/cut throat environment. People who you sat with/were laughing with only a week or 2 ago, start distancing themselves as it becomes evident that you are not returning.

Despite all of my research, I have steered my DD in the wrong direction again. I know her current situation is not a productive environment for her. The thought of sifting through the try outs and empty promises makes me ill. We are taking a step back and are going to sit this crazy, whirlwind out.

If/when she is ready in the fall/winter, I am confident that there will be a good team in need of a talented player! But for now, my DD and our family, needs a break from this crazy roller coaster. I’m sad because she is a natural athlete and great kid....but I think some time away will do us all a world of good.

For all of you that are in a good situation....know how lucky you are! And to those who are looking for the greener side of things....best of luck, may you find the right fit for your DD and family!

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Aug 10, 2016
1/2 of the teams in the area are having tryouts 8/4 and 8/5 - when MS starts :/

One team that DD tried out for and was offered is having org try-outs that weekend too. Luckily she wasn't super interested in that team. Still waiting on hearing from another tryout before talking to other teams. Waiting is frustrating!
Apr 6, 2017
Got dd on a rec travel team for fall season. They had 25 girls tryout, 4 are/were travel girls. It's been a interesting year.
Going to be a fun fall.
Jun 11, 2012
Kinda happy but a little bit sad that we don't have to do tryouts this year. She would have stayed where she was anyway but knowing that this weekend is her last travel ball tournament ever (aside from some 18+ stuff while in college) before she heads off to college and plays ball there. I'm excited for the next step but sad that I won't be spending every weekend with people who have become family over the past 9 summers
Jun 12, 2015
I thought for a minute we might have to hit the tryout circuit this year but thankfully everything worked out. It is a huge pain. My DH coached our team last year and I know he was really flexible with parents trying to find their kids a team. Of course, we stayed right on the edge of falling apart until about March when we finally added a 10th and what felt like some stability. Seeing tryouts from the coaching side gives a little bit different perspective. Our first (and right now only) team tryout is on the 28th. I wish we could have it a little later than that but org tryouts are on the 5th and 12th (like everyone's apparently). If we wait til after that there aren't many players left who haven't found a spot. It's craziness all the way around. I imagine we'll end up having open practices in the early fall too.
Mar 6, 2018
this aug ends our first year in travel and we need something closer but are limited. So we have to juggle with finding the right coaching, factor in the drive, and if we want to play with a weak team to get more pitching in, or a strong team and get less innings in. Oh and the cost. My main thing is coaching and the drive but all play a part. We are 45 min to closest team.

Also how do you break the news to a coach/team you like but really need a change.. and how should you transition this. I don't want to cut ties until we find a better fitting team (if there is one).
Apr 16, 2010
I can speak from a coaches perspective on this as well as a parent. I know it is frustrating for many families but the teams are in a no win situation. We have scheduled our tryouts for the 5th of August. We finish up our season the week before so we want to hold tryouts right after and then give the team a break. You are also racing every other team out there to try and get them scheduled. So the only option would be to try and find a weekend when know one else is having them but then there is the possibility you will miss out on the girl that would be the perfect fit because she jumped on the first offer she saw. You can't blame them because they are in a situation where they don't know if they can wait for another tryout if they have a solid offer.
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