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Trying to plan for the future

May 28, 2008
Just trying to think ahead here......

I need help coming up with coming up with a plan to help girls become better in their respective sports. This is what I have to work with and need everyones help......

We are a Catholic grade school. I have a dd so I am trying to start a program for girls to improve footspeed and quickness. This will be for girls 5-8 who play any sport or who just want to improve. I want them to get in shape as well. Some of them need a little more exercise in their life!

I played college football years ago and we jumped rope, ran, did drills with dots on the floor........but I am looking for any help you can give me.

I am thinking 1 hour (streching and working) twice a week to start.........???
May 9, 2008

Hi krd005,

You might want to check out www.Nike.com and their SPARQ training website SPARQ - SPARQ Training. SPARQ stands for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness. You can purchase a DVD that is specifically geared toward training youth. They have a lot of information and tips there.

Good Luck,



Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Pops gave you a good resources. Here is another resources that will really help you understand the needs of kids of that age:

ABC's - agility, balance, coordonation, speed. Play games. Do competitions for fun. Things like tags, obstacles courses, etc. are fantastic.

If you "drill" too much like football was doing - it is not appropriate for that age. You have to develpo their ABC's through fun and engaging games that will challenge those qualities. Make drills and exercises some form of game.

At that age, they don't understand or certainly don't value "work" or "working on something" - they just want to have fun.

Here is the link to the document (look for the section about the age of the kids you will have in FUNdamentals) and read about the characteristics and needs of kids:


Check the downloadable document in the resource section. This stuff is written for the average joe but is brand new and is based on cutting edge research on the long-term development of athletes

(I am familiar with all that stuff because I did most of my Master's Degree on the topic of Long-Term Development of Elite Softball Players).

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