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Travel woes: Large SUV or conversion van


Bucket Dad
Jan 9, 2019
Mishawaka, IN
I thought maybe this might be a good group to ask...

In the next year I'm going to have to jump up to a larger vehicle for family travels.

Travel ball for two kids and all the gear, growing kids, vacations (because we'll no longer be able to afford to fly:cry:) & transporting the kids and their friends all around town....
I understand that many of you probably have a large SUV already, but has anyone went the conversion van route? If so, was it worth it? They're expensive but so are large SUV's.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,
Bucket Dad​
Feb 17, 2014
We bought a new vehicle last year because DD was too tall to be comfortable in the previous vehicle. We went to the local car show and we sat in every SUV & Truck in the place.

I wanted to get an Expedition due to the amount of room DD had in the back, but the crew cab F-150 had the same room and was $20k cheaper. So, that's the route we went. I put a nice bed liner in it and bought a water proof cover and we use the bed for luggage & equipment.

We only transport 3 people, so it's good for us. We could transport 4 with everyone having plenty of room, 5 if we absolutely had to.
Dec 6, 2016
I have 3 kids and all play travel sports. Best car I ever bought, by far, was a suburban. We put 310k miles on it and plenty of space for all luggage and equipment. I still drive it to work everyday.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
My gear-hauler/road-beast choice is an Explorer. I had an '06 that got replaced with a new one in '17. They've been great. With the 3rd row folded flat, the cargo area is pretty roomy.
Jun 24, 2019
I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee my wife and I love it but I have 3 kids DD plays on TB team it was nice an reliable, but had to go bigger since we will not fit comfortable (back seats and luggage) went with a yukon xl and it’s great lots of room and cargo space
Apr 26, 2015
LOVED my Suburban drove it til it died. Couldn't justify another one since my 2 oldest moved out - leaving only DD and her younger (non sports playing) brother.
We have to have a 4 wheel drive being in Colorado.
I have a Honda Pilot now - with the 3rd row down I have plenty of room for gear - I just don't like how it skates on ice.
We are thinking of purchasing a new Subaru Ascent. Lots of cargo room with the 3rd row down again - and more passenger room than my Pilot.

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