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Travel ball pracice

Jan 17, 2020
Dd pitches on a 14u team. Doesn't play other positions. Team practices include sliding for all players. She still hits for her position so fine with that. Now team is starting diving drills for fielding. These drills causing shoulder soreness. She's noticing it when getting her pitching in. Thinking diving drills not for her. Don't see the benefit.
Should all players complete every drill as a team no matter what the drill? Thoughts?
Apr 20, 2018
How good is your DD? Is she the teams numero uno? Got to able to slide if you are hitting. Diving drills should be done from the knees and should not cause injuries. Just curious, do the coaches also promote Not wearing a fielding mask?
Jun 8, 2016
The whole point (or at least one of the main points) of diving drills is that you learn how to do it (dive) without hurting yourself so either they are not teaching it correctly or your DD isn't doing it how it is being taught..
May 2, 2018
Central Virginia
Yeah agreed with above. Did they even start on knees and then progress or did they just jump into diving? There certainly should be a progression.

Is this a top tier team? At 14, why just pitching? So in practice does she get reps fielding at all? Not a fan of this but obviously her/your decision.


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
LUV to dive for the ball!
Luv it ~ Luv it ~ Luv it !!!

After college had full shoulder reconstruction on my glove arm shoulder.
From repetitive diving.

Going to say this~
We can TRY to be as safe as possible teaching and learning to dive....and diving in games.
For the ball and running on bases.
That said,
There will always be the awkward learning moment, the go for it moment,
and the player who pushes the limit.

Everyone and every player has to take some risk of injury into our own hands stepping on the field.
The answer maybe in these questions
1. What is your personal risk reward limit?
2. Will you play with no limits?

Because make NO MISTAKE
injuries are part of sports!
And wether anyone has thought threw to dive or not...
Injuries can happen in many many ways on the field.

Do you ask ( as example)
Will i roll my ankle in a hole or on the base. Blow out a knee?
Will i get hit in the face by the ball?

Really ask
Do i have a limit?
Am i going for it?!!
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Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
The pitching position.
Dont think has to dive...
Like a mandatory must do thing.
Have played with both who would and some wouldnt.

The ones who dont want to dive...
Need to get out of they way
And most importantly
The rest of the defense needs to know they are responsible for the entire infield area.

There cannot be inbetweeners where something that should be an out isnt because defensively the pitcher would have had to dive and didnt.
While someone else could go for it 100%.

Grounders up the middle are a similar topic as to defensively helping or not.
At tmes its better for a pitcher to not try for grounders than to only deflect them, when the middle infielders could have had a cleaner play at the ball.

Comes down to defensive strategy.
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Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
DD did not participate in all the Team drills.

She did try to make herself useful, not like she checked out and was sitting around texting in the dugout. She also was not pitching on the side, she paid attention to what the Team was doing.

Nothing meant by this but could her soreness be her being a little out of shape with some of her muscles?


Jersey Girl
May 27, 2013
18U practice our pitchers have the option to do the diving drills or not and they are always done in a progression and a mat is used indoors. Dd always does them as she also plays 2B and OF, in addition to pitcher. No issues with shoulder soreness. I agree that maybe it is not being taught correctly or she is not executing correctly.
Jan 17, 2020
Being done in progression. Starting from the knees. She's most likely not doing them correctly. Never have been most graceful player but could always pitch. Played first for a while and was pretty good at it. Now position belongs to coaches dd.. Not a top tier team. I think not worth the risk in this case since not given much of a chance to play first. She does her pitching with no limits. Pitches every other day, drills every day, band work, agility class two to three times a week, lifts, etc. Doesn't like outdoor practices. Most outdoor practices are fielding and she spends the majority of them bored on the mound. Staying on the team bc she has fun with the girls.