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to late for a 14 year old

May 8, 2008
My daughter is 14 years old and just learning to pitch. She will be entering 9th grade this fall and would make the 3rd pitcher for the high school team. SHe has a naturally strong arm and is built for pitching and catching. She is becoming more accurate but is losing some speed with her fast ball as she is perfecting her motion. The one highschool pitcher is the typical "Wild Thing" with lots of speed but lots of walks and inaccuracy. Is it to late for her to become a competitive pitcher and should I move on to other skills and not waste her time learning to pitch?
May 7, 2008
Its not too late

Desire, along with other physical attributes are the most important factors in determining a players potential, not age. The classic example of this is Michelle Smith. She did not pitch until she was a sophmore in high school and went on to greatness and the Olympics. I trained a girl who started as a sophmore and went on to beome all state and pitched four years at Division 1 level. So please do not discourage your daughter with any negativity about her age or that she will be the third pitcher on the team. If she works hard and has the desire to be the best she can be, thats all you can ask. After that, just sit back and see what happens.


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