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Time breakup

May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
Im curious as to what percentage of time the rest of you spend on hitting vs baserunning vs defensive skills. I am going to be starting preseason practices at 14u age level. Last year I leaned more to baserunning & defense, I think it cost us pretty bad in the offenseive dept. I am currently leaning tward 60-70% offensive practice.

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
We did a lot of offseason work on hitting, so I'm hoping what I get back after the HS season ends reflects what I'm sending in. :) Since we're in the Midwest it's tough to do a whole lot else during the winter. There are facilities around where you can field, but it's not the same.

Coming back out of HS, I will probably start with about 70% on defense. That's the part that has to be coordinated by various players. If players don't know their assignments or aren't on the same page it can be disastrous. We have some specific baserunning things to go over, but once that's done I probably won't do a whole lot unless a need is identified.

In your situation, if you're not already in pretty good shape in hitting, you may want to go 40% defense, 40% offense, 20% baserunning, then reset to 40% defense, 40% hitting and 10% baserunning. Hitting is spotty and can deteriorate during a season so you may want to give it some extra emphasis. Adjust as needed.
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
I do Baserunning EVERY Day. Baserunning will win you or lose you close games!
- bet you can think of situations where if you took an extra base, you may have saved an out and maybe had a run or ralley. 7-11 min a day, sometimes 15 minutes in a day.
I like to work my Infield hitting (Pitchers/Catchers first thru, then they work P/C drills and fielding w/ both, as well as pitch), while my Outfield is working fielding drills, then switch, then bring them together for team defense situational. I like approx 45 minutes of batting minimal, and 20-30 min of positional practice, and 20-25 min of when you bring the entire team together for Team Defense. **** Batters that need extra work (Bunting? contact, Vision Training) should come extra to get one-on-one work.
% wise? Guess, 25% positional, 15% Team (see really 40% defense when you consider the practice they are getting!) 40% Batting, 12-15% Baserunning/Sliding, remaining time was dynamic stretching and throwing....
May 5, 2008
For the most part, everyone gets to work defense and offense every day. Baserunning of some sort is usually included as well. However, I have to say that if there is a practice that's going to be more focused on one thing that the other, usually it's hitting. There are practices that we work a lot of defense too, but even then, at least half the practice is hitting.

Overall, I'm guessing the break down is similar to what you mentioned 60% or so at least devoted to hitting.

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