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Feb 16, 2015
South East
Not sure what you mean by TE, but there are some decent fielding clips in this thread (link).

While I was looking for the clips, I found this image from Amy in AZ (link). Notice how the girls' shoulders are ahead of her hips. You can see it in the direction of the creases on her shirt (creases are so good for analysis). They clearly indicate that the shoulders are leading and pulling the hips as opposed to hips leading, pulling the shoulders around.

The best thing that we can do for our throwers, hitters, and pitchers is to teach them to resist with the shoulders. Really we want resistance from the whole upper torso and centered around our rear leg, but that's even harder to teach as I've tried and failed with rec teams over the years.

For the individual seeking to throw at a higher level or the involved parent/coach who wants fundamental change, resisting with the upper torso is paramount to acheiving a high level throw.

For the most part, the existing methods for improving throwing speed are just variants of bigger, stronger, faster.

Austin has some pretty good stuff
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