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Throwing seems to be a lost art

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
I was watching some collegiate softball on TV over the weekend, and was struck by the throwing mechanics I saw at key points during the game. Maybe I just wasn't seeing it right, but it seemed like there were some terrible mechanics going on. I probably should've gone back and run it a couple of times to be sure of what I was seeing since I was watching it on DVR. But from what I think I saw it didn't seem like anyone was setting their feet, turning sideways, or using a circular motion. Instead, it looked like the players were picking up the ball straight on to their targets and throwing that way.

Perhaps at that level they don't need the proper mechanics. Maybe the players are big enough, strong enough, or just plain talented enough that they can get away with what essentially amounts to arm throws. But it sure seems like taking that extra little bit of time to get in a stronger position would help get the ball there faster -- and more on-target.

I'll be watching some other games so I'll give it a closer look in the future. But if what I think I saw is actually the case I certainly will find it interesting. Anyone else notice this?

Dec 10, 2008
The more educated I get in this sport the more I see. Which is probably the same road all of you went down.
Same here with the throwing. From Valpo college to the high school ball. In our Rec league we are trying to change the coaches(which are hard to come by)from worrying about winning and too actually teaching the Girls the basics. Seems to be a big issue.
Aug 4, 2008
Ken couldn't agree more. We get kids coming to a hitting clinics and find out they have knee and ankle issues and it is because they do not know how to throw correctly.

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