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Things I Learned on This Site

Mar 28, 2014
I joined this forum a few weeks ago, mainly because the other softball site that I frequent doesn’t have nearly as much traffic as this one. I figured that I would learn much more about softball here, and boy have I ever! Below are the top 10 things that I have learned from this site, in just the first couple of weeks.
  • Everyone’s kid plays on a “Nationally Ranked A-Level team”
  • Coach Pitch travel really is a thing
  • Age 7 is not too young for a personal hitting instructor.
  • You need to be doing position specific training by age 9, with the goal of securing a college scholarship.
  • 12 year olds across the country are putting Bustos to shame with their dingers.
  • Kelly “The Hopper” Barnhill threw 23,793 illegal pitches in her college career.
  • A walk is not as good as a single…
  • And a strike out is always better than a ground out or fly out, but only if you know the result beforehand.
  • The Mizuno Power Carbon is the best bat that nobody has ever heard of, even though nobody on the Mizuno College teams swing it.
  • The 2020 Ghost is the best bat ever. Better than the 2019 Ghost, but maybe only just as good as the 2018 ASA Ghost, which is better than all the Xenos, except the 2014 Xeno, but is still better than every Demarini ever, except for the old CF5, which may be better than or equal to the new Louisville RXT, which is probably just a relabeled PXT (which btw are all over eBay right now for $80-$100 shipped), but even those don’t compare to the old school Rocketech….so make sure you get your pre-orders in early.
Did I miss anything?
Feb 3, 2016
One shouldn't ever hang out with other parents or coaches.

California has the best teams. Period.

Your kid is slow unless she can run 2.5 in the 20.

Infield is harder than outfield.

It's rained quite a bit this year.

ESPN is in love with Florida softball.

Everyone hates Michelle Smith.

FLO-SOFTBALL sucks and not worth the money.

USSSA ALL-AMERICAN games are a waste of time and money. All the best players stay home.

Everyone loves 6u travel teams.

Teams with the most references to gold, platinum, select, elite in the team name are awesome and sound cool too.

Tryouts are in the 1st week of July this year.

Don't shell out cash to play on showcase teams. Just save your money and pay for the first 2 semester's.

New training gadgets come out each day buy one or miss the boat.

Radar guns are useless but get one if serious about softball.

All tournament director's are ensuring you drop a game in the first round of pool play with a crappy draw.

Grass is always greener until it isn't.

Don't buy anything without permission granted by the wife first.

You fail at life if your kid doesn't play HS ball or college ball.

Any talk about REC makes people twitch like Inspector Clouseau's boss.

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on the journey
Nov 9, 2015
SE Wisconsin
FLO-SOFTBALL sucks and not worth the money.

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Question specific on FLO, i was always curious about this website. Is it truly not worth it. It has had some live videos i was really interested it. Mainly around WCWS time, but have been close to purchasing sub. Thanks.


on the journey
Nov 9, 2015
SE Wisconsin
Nevermind, just saw this thread, thanks.

May 29, 2015
Right field is the right field, unless, of course, left field is the right field, in which case right field is the wrong field.

Or, as it would appear in the rule book:

Rule 27, Section J, Article 3.b/B.7 OUTFIELDER (RF/LF only) DOESN’T KNOW POSITION RULE

Right field is the right field. EXCEPTION: Left field is the right field for the left fielder.

Penalty for (3.b/B.7): Right field is the wrong field. Left fielder shall remain in position and become the legal player.
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Feb 3, 2016
I don't know's(on 3rd)positions

Why is in Left field
Because is the Center fielder
I don't Know's on 3rd
What's on Second
Tomorrow is the Pitcher
Today is the Catcher
I don't give a darn is the SS
and Who's on 1st

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Jul 29, 2013
All I've learned here is that 2B is off limits, that spot belongs to the coach's offspring!

*****Anna has been playing 2B for the first time in her life on her 18U National team..........and her coach is definitely NOT her mom!!


Jun 8, 2016
I've learned that there should be a delete my account option for those who join but are wholly unsatisfied with the free advice given on the internet and then decide to start a thread complaining about it under the guise of trying to be amusing.

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