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TheOfficial Stupid Softball Parents Thread

Feb 17, 2014
Orlando, FL
It would not have been pretty. Seems like accountability and respect are becoming relics of the past. [MENTION=332]sluggers[/MENTION] you can add SW Orange County Florida as a shining example of places where kids are not allowed to fail and only rarely held accountable for their actions. My TB team is now based on the Space Coast 75 miles away because I will not deal with the entitled brats that seem so typical of where I live. I loved when Jake was at Chipola (FL Panhandle) and South Carolina because with so many kids it was still yes sir, no sir. Met some great "team players" that went on to do very well after softball. In some ways I feel bad for a$$ hat kids because invariably behind each is at least one or more a$$ hat parents like bubba and if the kid is really special an entire a$$ hat family.
Feb 15, 2017
[MENTION=10413]riseball[/MENTION] they are on the West Coast of Florida as well. Dad is a coach so daughter gets extra fielding before games start and hugs the tee bewteen innings. Oh and mom does gamechanger so everything is a hit she touches and all hits she gives up are errors.

Also way too many kids who have little respect for umpires. I saw at least four occasions this week where the pitcher threw her hands up in the air when an outside pitch that got more batters box line than plate was called a ball.

Also heard a dad say that the ump didn't call 12u screw ball because the batter was scared. Batter wasn't scared, just almost got hit by bullet spin fastball that got more batters box than plate.

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