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The purpose and rules of the practical hitting forum

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
Because of the wide range of interests, some of which conflict, we have decided to split the old single hitting forum into two forums. This idea comes at the suggestion of Batsics1; we thank him for the suggestion.

This forum is designed for coaches and parents to seek out practical, experience-based advice for specific hitting issues. It is NOT the place to discuss hitting theory, or to provide a technical dissection of what makes a good swing. ANY posts along those lines will be deleted regardless of merit.

On this forum, video is limited to those of players you work with directly, devices you (or your coach) make, drills you personally run. No video of MLB or high-level softball hitters is to be used here.

If you want to start a technical discussion about a thread on this forum, you may cut and paste the key post(s) and start a new thread in the technical hitting forum. There you may post all the professional video you want. You may also leave a pointer on this forum to let those who are interested in such technical discussion know that it is taking place on the other hitting forum.

Again, this forum is for coaches and parents to share their first-hand knowledge and exchange ideas about things they have implemented and that have worked for them with actual hitters. No quoting of outside experts is allowed, unless your daughter or son has worked with that expert. And even then, the discussion needs to be limited to what your daughter or son was told, not what is in that expert's DVD or book.

This forum will be heavily and mercilessly moderated. As always, please keep all discussion polite. All the standard rules of the Discuss Fastpitch Forum still apply.

We look forward to great discussions on both forums.
Dec 2, 2012
Just curious. My assistant coach feels that my proper hitting instruction for a group of 11u players may be premature. Her concern is that it may screw up a couple of players that make contact well enough already. I don't think that allowing the girls to move further in their game without giving good hitting techniques is wise. So the question is how soon should the girls be asked to swing with a proper swing technique and how much correction

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