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The little things that make this sport great...

Feb 7, 2013
So last night, DD had a pitching lesson and was using her new glove and when she came into the house after the lesson she put the glove down on the table (fingers down to preserve its shape). This little act put a smile on my face because I don't know how many seasons I have told her to not lay the glove on its side and/or put it on the ground to get dirty. I'm sure there are hundreds of small gestures and acts performed by these young girls every season that we take for granted but they all have to be learned by either observing other players or being taught by their coaches. It's nice to see the development over the years. It really is a marathon, not a sprint...
Oct 3, 2011
Right Here For Now
Yep. I noticed DD put a ball in her catchers mitt yesterday an put it in her catchers helmet to maintain the pocket and shape. Surprised the heck out of me I have to say! Expect the unexpected I guess;)
Jul 3, 2013
If mine sees a teammate putting her glove in her bag without a ball, she'll ask, "Do you need a ball for your glove?" She hates seeing pancake gloves even more than I do.
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Not for everyone but I get a smile on my face when opposing coaches give her a high five or a good job. She has earned some of them which makes the smile bigger.

She is a tough critic but I like her compliment other players too.
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Feb 20, 2015
Yes lot of little things. One of the things that always puts a smile on my face is the transition from the young teams showing up with a bunch of girls doing their own thing, and not really looking like they are all on the same page, to the older teams that show up and you can just tell that they are prepared, and all are on the same page and going through the warm ups like they have many many times before.