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The Last Summer tourney

Dec 2, 2013
DD just played in her last Summer Tourney ever at the TCS Nationals in ATL. For the most part her team has not performed very well for most of the summer as we have a large group of younger players, injured starters, and Seniors that have Senioritis. We had 5 girls that did not travel to the tourney, which put us in a huge hole, but we had a group of girls that were committed to playing no matter what happens. We lost the first 3 pools games, and lost the first bracket game pretty bad. For the most part it was awful and most of us were not having a great experience. We all thought we would be booted pretty quickly.

We are in the losers bracket and played a game on Tuesday against another team from our area. I actually used to coach one of their players. We actually beat them. Wow! This gives us an 8am(I will not miss those games) game the following day and these are 7 inning games. We start play a little early. Maybe 7:50am. By 8am we score 7 runs in the first inning. What is happening? We run rule that team and then have to face a team that just beat the team that killed us in our first bracket game. We have no hope right? Wrong! We win in walk off fashion in the btm of the 7th. Meanwhile my DD is dying as she is the only serviceable bracket catcher, but she's hanging in there. We end up losing the next game 5-1 after giving up 4 runs in the first inning. We end up missing the final 16 single elimination bracket out of 75 teams with a team that had no chance in doing anything. We went 0-4 in the first 4 games and then went 3-1 for the next 4! It's kind of cool to see that we finished better than or same as many highly ranked teams.

It was really fun watching this team learn to win and to play for each other, and it was a perfect end of my DD's travel life. I just wonder what could have happened if we had those graduated seniors that chose to stay at home. That part is disappointing, but they missed out on an incredible run and I wish they could have been there.

Now DD has less than a month away before she checks into her dorm.
Dec 9, 2010
Congrats on finishing strong when it looked like it might have ended differently! The end on my DD’s final travel ball journey may be today or tomorrow, and we have been trying to soak in every last moment. But the real prize will be years of memories that she will take with her as she also packs up and heads off to college in a month!

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