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The Hop

Jun 8, 2016
I was just wondering if any one here uses it. I was thinking about it for my mod. team.
Hey if it is good enough for Pedey it is good enough for me.I personally just use to take a single step in but I can see
how this would be good given a sufficient amount of coordination/timing..e.g not something many 10U kids posess ;)
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Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
IMO...the most important thing is that you must land immediately after contact. If you land before knowing which way you are going, defeats the purpose.
The way it is taught at Auburn, the fielder is at the peak of their 'hop' at contact.

Not that different from hitting ... a hitter is just beginning their move out during the pitcher's release. Likewise the fielder is just beginning to move down from their peak at bat/ball impact.


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
The "hop" is just a split step. The split step in tennis is the basis for all tennis footwork. Tennis is very similar to fastpitch softball infield as to reaction times.

Tennis pros have done a lot more with it.

Here is a good starting point: Teaching the Split Step in Tennis

The article includes really good drill for teaching the split step.