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The Hesitant Coach


Learning everyday
Aug 9, 2018
Grow through that learning curve!
Important reason to teach and develop the catcher/defense on back picks.
SO ~ we learn to read the runners body language and distance off the bag. Any mishandling playing catch is definetly a skill set to work on!

Do you use your catcher and defense on back picks?
Rarely, and only with experienced players. I hate giving up bases when the baserunner isn't going. Instead I use a pitchout.
Mar 6, 2016
I have been fortunate to coach some really good catchers who had cannons. I do like for my catchers to throw. However, keep in mind that I love to coach against teams that let their catchers throw. That pick to first can turn into my runner being at 2nd.
That's why we usually throw in a pump fake or a "deke" play now and then to get the runner to show what she's going to do.

Also, I do agree that you have to trust your catcher to make a split second decision and teach them to "read" the runner and to understand when the runner is trying to bait the throw. We practice it a lot with runners getting various leads and doing random things and the catchers have to react to what they see and to learn tendencies of young runners.
Mar 10, 2020
Hesitancy is a fear of stepping outside of a comfort zone. When a players abilities are held back by a coach who doesnt know how the next level is played its time to move on.


Possibilities & Opportunities!
Dec 13, 2019
Yes, her foot to knee was colors I never knew existed. It was kind of pretty.
***1 game DD is pitching, she works fast. She asked C to stop it.

runners were playing with C and 1st waiting for them to make a mistake.

Kind of like some on 3rd, if C Throws the ball to 3rd she is sliding over home.
Wowzah thats some bruising!

Understand pitchers have a pace. However pitchers cant see the opportunity to get outs off the bases.
Or the need to keep runners closer to the bases.

Do like keeping a pace/rythem to the game.
No doddling getting the ball where it needs to go!

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