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Thanks to all

Jul 12, 2008
Tuscola, IL
Just wanted to give a word of thanks to this forum and the wealth of knowledge here. And a big thanks to Rick and Sarah Pauly for the outstanding video they put out. We got it a month ago and we have seen great strides in arm whip and speed(only 51-53 at this point). Of course we know she has a lot of room for improvement also. Anyway I thought I would post an updated side view of Erin, any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything.
YouTube - Erin13years
Mar 11, 2009

If you had to pick between the two DVD's you just mentioned which one would you reccomend for a father coach?
Jul 12, 2008
Tuscola, IL
thanks bigdaddy, all of the comments and advice here was invaluable, she is working hard, but I think she may be bending at the waist a little too much instead of leaning, she is getting out a few inches over six feet wich is about a foot farther out than 2 months ago. Thanks again.


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
She does look good, very smooth. Her style reminds me of Donna Lopiano.

There is always one more thing. She might have another 7 mph in her.

Does she have enough arm whip? It seems to me that the forearm isn't whipping around the elbow. Also, note that her follow through seems forced.

Also, her right shoulder is in a bad position. Underhand pitching is just like throwing overhand, except opposite. When you throw overhand, the right shoulder goes up and over the left shoulder . When you throw underhand, the right shoulder goes down and under the left shoulder.

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