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"Thanks Coach"

May 7, 2008
Because You Said "Thanks Coach," I'll Do It Again.

Well, the season is over, the games are all done.
When I think of it now, was it really that fun?

Did we practice and play as hard as we could?
If I coach them again will they really be good?

I coach them for free, my time is all taken.
If I coach them again, will I be mistaken?

I'd like to be home with my family and friends.
Should I coach them again? Well, that all depends.

What is it that keeps me returning each season?
I need to make sure I have a good reason.

I like to see them work hard and do the best that they can.
I enjoy watching them succeed, I'm their number one fan.

But sometimes they don't listen or even attend.
Sometimes, I regret all the time that I spend.

I attend workshops and clinics to learn the latest techniques.
I work hard on my practices to make them unique.

Do they know all the time that it takes to coach well?
Do they know what it takes to make a team gel?

Sometimes I get discouraged by their attitudes and air.
Sometimes they appear that they don't really care.

But I remember so fondly and cherish it yet.
Those three little words, that you didn't forget.

"THANK YOU, COACH.....for all that you've done.
You really helped me. I had fun."

Those three little words are all that I need to keep me going.
On them I will feed.

For the next season to come I will hold them to heart.
And hope that another will also take part.....

In those three little words.