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Team Ontario...

Jul 23, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Hey, I am a 16 year old male and play fastpitch. I was wondering if there was any way to get noticed by Team ontario or any canadian teams. I know they go to special tournaments to pick a few players up, but my team never enters any big tournaments like that. If someone could please reply that would be great. Thanks :D


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Hi Mack,

You usually get noticed by one of these three ways:

1) Someone attends a tournament where you play
2) Someone knows you and talk to the coaches of these programs
3) You keep in touch with the coaches of these programs

In terms of men's fastpitch in Canada, the recruiting budget aren't as high so most of the coaches will not attend too many tournaments. They are likely to be at Nationals and at major events like provincials or very important tournaments.

Usually, these teams are made from scouting talent but also from selections camps. The key to get invited to these selections camps (often held in Ontario) and they may have a walk-on component as well.

I would do two things:

Go to http://www.softball.ca and to http://www.oasa.ca/ and grab the contact info of the directors of these programs or the coaches and contact them. If you can't find them, just call or email the association and ask for the info.

Contact these people for 2 things:

1) Get them to know who you are
2) Learn where they will be attending tournaments or scouting

and most importantly...

3) When tryouts or camps are held for these programs.

Good Luck.


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