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Teaching Kids how to pitch

Feb 8, 2019
What do you think is the best way to teach 6-8 yo.s to pitch? Im trying to get them starting by basically teaching them the “K” and pitching from there.
I know a little too much now and i dont know how best to simplify it for little minds. TIA
Nov 18, 2015
Scrape the knuckles on the way up the front of the circle (palm/ball down).

If you continue the circle, it should turn to ball up @ 9:00 (behind them).

For players this young, I feel it's much easier for them to grasp this then tell them "palm up" behind them, because they can't see it. They can see their knuckles and the ball on the way up, b/c it's in front of them. If they can get the orientation of the ball right, it's easier to "let the whip happen" by the time they release the ball.

If you start with the K, they'll probably tend to "bowl", rather than throw.

So de-empahsize the "pitching" aspect, and just play catch underhand. No windup, just step and throw.

And read the I/R in the Classroom and all the other stickies. Plus Java's youtube videos. (See link tomorrow just posted above).


on the journey
Nov 9, 2015
SE Wisconsin
i agree with the thread that was linked by 'tomorrow' and 'gags' comments. I have not felt that a good overhand throw is necessary to feel the underhand throw. But as gags states, do not worry about pitching, just get to throwing. Me and my DD warm up by throwing (a mix of over and under) and it has helped alot. i would also emphasize not to worry anything about follow thru at this point. Get to a good throw with brush interference. If they dont start feeling the brush now, they may not like the feel later.

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