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Teaching Keys for 10U Catchers

Mar 24, 2009
Our Rec League has added the dropped third strike rule this season. Murphy's Law has kicked in with our Catcher's. Most of the girls who played catcher moved up to 12U! So, we have 6 of 8 teams who have inexperienced catchers.

What are the keys (footwork? Blocking? Catching the pitch?) that we should focus on this season when teaching our young catchers?

May 5, 2008
Definitely work on catching the pitch for sure.

Then teach them proper movements for stopping any pitch that comes in (i.e. proper blocking).

Then you'll have to teach them how to get into a good position to make a throw down the line in the event of a dropped 3rd. Often times controlling the ball quick enough after dropped 3rd isn't the problem, the getting it to 1st is.

Also teach them that they can just tag the runner if the runner is right there. They do not have to throw it. If they can control the ball quickly, many outs can be made on the tag...especially if it's a newer rule, batters often forget to run right away.

With 2 strikes, if a bad pitch is made, but the batter swings, emphasis is definitely on STOPPING it if at all possible - get control of it quickly so you have lot of time to make a good throw down the line. The ones that get by and run along the back stop somewhere are tougher plays to make (takes longer to get control of the ball and the throw is often times lengthened).

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