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Swing Form/Technique Scan on Gaming Console?

Oct 2, 2015
OK, here's a long shot...

The only gaming console we every bought for our DDs was a Xbox 360
The only games we ever bought for the Xbox was the games that were activity oriented where the DDs had to run, jump, swing a bat, dance...

The Xbox 360 had an infrared scanning device on a pedistal in front of the TV that would give them a GREEN positive sign if they were doing the dance move correctly or a RED negative sign if they did the dance move incorrectly

Are there any new Xbox games , and or programs, that this can be done on with a downloaded swing that you want your DD to copy or mimic?

My example would be...a video game GIF or sequence of Miggy or Mike Trout swinging a bat at a ball, and having your DD copy it...

The Xbox console scanner scans your DDs swing and a GREEN light means they are perfectly copied to Miggy's swing...RED means they need to work on it a little...

Is there anything like this? Anything for a quarterbacks throwing form or basketball shooting form?

If they had this for a baseball/softball swing it would be awesome.

Right now one of the things we do is watch some of the GIFs you guys posts, as well as YouTube videos...and copycat away...


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Feb 15, 2017
Im down....the devices to read the swing are already there...Zepp, Blast etc. just need someone to overlay onto “model” swings!

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