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May 12, 2016
It’s more Ferris wheel, compared to down. In your clip he is making an adjustment, lowers the hands. Regardless of what he doing, he is more down to and up through.
Hands are doing the same thing in both locations right?
Oct 13, 2014
South Cali
It's just a matter of how people naturally swing an object, depending on how they want to strike another object with it ...moving or not.

i couldn’t disagree more. These movements are trained for most. Especially when the pitching gets better. The swing has to get shorter.

the force one can create plays a role. The stronger you get the more you will need to ‘think’ about controlling the barrel. These guys are trying their best to control the barrel w speed and adjustability.

edit: self organization isnt always self optimization.


Mar 11, 2010
Yes, as stated here...

When given a goal of where a hitter should hit the ball (LD, GB, FB...), the body will organize itself to accomplish that.

Replace the tree with a ball on a tee, tell a hitter where you want them to hit the ball, and see which tree chopper swing you get...naturally.
Yes accept, I don't know that it will auto correct ABAF.

Apr 11, 2015
Yes accept, I don't know that it will auto correct ABAF.

It can if the hitter and equipment are set up correctly. Above, her body is telling her that she has to go and get the ball that is placed way too far out in front. Move the player up, or the tee back, then reassess the weight transfer, and swing.

The tee should have been placed somewhere around here...
Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 1.43.05 PM.png
...and it would have completely changed the player's movements, and swing to the ball. IMO and experiences anyway.

EDIT: Check out this clip where she places the tee herself to demo a drill swing for some students.

Note: I'm not commenting on the drill, and trying to say anything with it good or bad. Just the tee placement of where her body's telling her it needs to be in order to make contact with the ball where she should be, and not having to "go get it" when the tee is improperly placed as the one shown previously IMO.
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