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Swing adjustments

Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
This is where we differ. I believe Barry remained ‘loaded’. When Barry’s COM goes from back to middle, that in essence is the ‘twitch’ or ‘pivot’ or ‘pulse’ or ‘shift’ which comes before the hands. In order for this happen the coil has to be released. It is impossible to remain coiled and get your COM back to center. Some coil can stay, but 95-100% will dissipate. I don’t see this in AJs swing. His COM always seems to shift with his hands. There doesn’t seem to be any separation there. If you have a clip of COM, hands separation in AJs swing, I would love to see it.

The young lady looks to have jumped the gun with her hand engine imo and is out of sequence.I think because she was ‘loading’ her hands instead of letting her hands ‘load’. Hopefully that makes sense. A pretty common problem. Usually from feeling rushed or anxious is what I have encountered. Some talk of rhythm in the swing and being slow and early with the start of the sequence. Some call it the ‘holy grail’. I for one am a believer in this.

Here’s the COM, hands separation that I’m talking about.

His COM centers before his hands come forward. Important imo.The Nebraska player does the same. Just outta sequence imo.
You nailed it. Big time anxious.

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