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Stupidest parents/coaches you've ever seen


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
The thread about "the automatic out when batting everyone" got me thinking...

What is the stupidest thing you've ever seen a parent or coach do at a game?

I've got so many, but my favorite is:

In one rec league, I had taught three kids to pitch well enough to get the ball over the plate with some speed (40 mph with the wind at their back). The game had devolved into my kids batting around each time they came up, and the other team having 3 batters an inning. In the 5th inning with us ahead like 400-1, One of my pitchers hit a batter, making her the third base runner of the game for the other team. The coach for the other team comes storming out of the dugout demanding that I not use our pitchers because they "threw too fast".

May 7, 2008
When the girl's were in 12 YO Little League, I was managing against a dunce that I knew really well. He always tried to be helpful, but you know, he was just in the way.

One of my girls was batting and she hit a little dribbler somewhere behind her. The opposing coach, for some reason yelled "foul ball!", just as the ball rolled fair.

Of course, my batter froze right where she was.

Another time, in LL district boys (same coach), I went up to the fence and said "R____, you can't have donuts on the field." He said something smart about leaving him alone and he was just trying to coach. When, immediately the HU came up to him and said "Either take those donuts (bat weights) out of here or you are out of here."

Oh, well.
Jun 20, 2008
When my youngest was still playing wRec ball, she had spent the night with a friend that was also on the team, they came to the field late for warming up for a game, with chick fillet milkshake cups still in hand, and the mom proceeds to say "I hope they will be able to play, we went shopping and they wanted to go to chick fillet, and they both ate a chicken sandwich, large fry and a large shake and they split some nuggetts."...they ate this stuff between the mall and the field before a game...no more spending the night on game night, and no going anywhere to eat between games unless mom or I are with you...
Jun 20, 2008
I lost track of the number of outs and called the girls off the field with 2 outs and the runner at third jogs home...then after that the next time we played that same team, I told the pitchers if I called them in with 2 outs to bring the ball from the circle home with them...runner on third 2 outs I call them in the parents are screaming, the 3rd base coach tells the runner to jog home but the pitcher is waiting just off third to tag her for the third out...


Jun 20, 2008
Here's two parent quickies,

1) At a Mite (9/10 yr olds)rep tourny we were hosting, the umpire had to stop a game until one of the dads left the property because of the language and abuse he was directing at the field. Can you imaging his daughter sitting on the bench watching this happen.

2) Last year, a dad from the team my daughter was facing was yelling at his teams pitcher to throw at our batter(and pitching that game), who happened to hit a batter herself in the previous inning. Those damn 10 year old girls can be so malicious.
May 8, 2008
I love it when I have a runner at 3rd & my batter walks, she continues on to 2nd without stopping & the coach from the other team screams that she can't do that because the ball is dead once it's in the circle. What really tops it off is the umpire that agrees with the other coach & makes the girls go back to 1st!!. I just laugh, make the girl come back & tell them that I don't have time to teach them the rules.
Jun 16, 2008
I heard a parent yell to his young dd catcher "That's it princess, don't let them in your castle!" It's been many years now, but we still giggle at that one!
May 7, 2008
I am hearing about a "yeller, screamer" coach that brought in a "ringer" pitcher for 10U - and didn't tell his other pitchers.

So, the "ringer" just showed up and got to pitch.

Of course, the games were 1 1/2 away from home and the temp. was 115.

I am so glad my kids are grown. :)

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