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strongest position on 12u

Jul 28, 2008
I got into a discussion with another coach last nite about whether third or short is the better player. I beleive that third gets the better player, since at least 50% of all hits are this way. I want an animal who would catch the ball in her teeth, no fear yet loads of respect for the position. Cannon for an arm, speed and agilility like a gazzelle. Makes the batter second guess the bunt..

share with me your thoughts on this

both sides welcome
May 12, 2008
Finding a male or female for F6 with the combination of arm, range and glove is a more difficult task than finding a good F5 IME. As to the cannon, I've seen quick F5's in fp with less than a cannon, but who possessed a very quick release, do well at F5. No way to hide the lack of a cannon at F6.
May 7, 2008
Morris County, NJ
SS...should be one of the best athletes on the team....needs speed, fielding ability, quickness and either quick release or a cannon for an arm.

3rd base needs quick reflexes, a good arm and the ability to make a barehanded throw on a bunt, but with less range to cover, speed is not a critical.
May 7, 2008
On my DD's 12U team. our catcher is the best athlete! This girl is quick, agile, strong, fast, smart and intimidating! She blocks the plate as well as any catcher can. If you slide on her you are most likely going to get up asking "did someone get the # of that truck". She also has a hose for an arm and she's as mean as a snake on the field!

May 9, 2008
strongest position on 12u?

Pitcher, if you've got a strong one at 12u lookout. I've never seen third base or short stop dominate a hitter. The pitcher is the only offensive player on the team when they play defense. They write songs about them, "For its one, two, three strikes your out at the old ball game."

May 12, 2008
Sure, it's a pitcher dominated game. When I talk about the relative requirements and ability of fielders I tend to think of pitchers as their own category. They are specialized and may or may not be good athletes in other ways.
Jul 17, 2008
in the dugout
i don't think you can always consider the pitcher the better player. my dd is a great pitcher but you sure as heck wouldn't want her at third or short. she's not the fleetest of foot and at 5'11" she's not the swiftest at fielding and getting into throwing position. plus as you go up in play level the quality of players around the pitcher becomes even more important.

i've got to go with 6 as well. our best player was our ss this season. she was the only girl we had that could handle the position but we had about three that could play 3rd.

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