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It wasn't me.
Jun 5, 2010
Not here.
Sounds like you believe that the stretch is between the rear hip and hands ('red' line). Map out this stretch for me ... where do you feel it traveling throughout the body during the swing segment you showed?
I might have said 'LOOKS like you believe'....but, that's just me. I didn't make the gif and thought it showed my point.
I did write this though...but, I guess that wasn't clear enough. Besides were is the funny in that.....
The load is a stretch between two body parts. One part is moving one direction, the other part is moving in the opposite direction. In the high level swing the load consists of the hip coil, the lower back pull back, and the scap pull back....all pulling rearward....across the rear hip socket....against a rear leg that is internally rotating
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Jun 11, 2015
He strides into the launch position. It's part style and part of his coiling/loading or preparation to swing, in other words timing.
And most importantly it helps him add power which makes him drive the ball farther than if he just stood there like a statue.
Jan 6, 2009
Pacific NW

Is the front shoulder turning down and in or counter rotating before the stride?
I'm looking at stretching closely. Do some hitters stretch/counter rotate (let the front shoulder turn down and in,or letting the front shoulder move inside the front hip) during the stride? And some like this counter rotate at the start?

Reevaluating the swing, including stretching.

Is it just that simple like Epstein teaches, that you turn inward, wind the upperhalf as the stride/hips move forward and the hips open against the upperbody action? He also says that the hands move back as you stride and then hips open pulling /yanking the hands forward like a sling shot/fly fishing.

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