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Story of a Softball Parent Gone Wild

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
That town is about 30-40 minutes from my house. I'm so proud!

Never saw it get quite that bad, but I have seen it come close.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
Angry Dad

Showed this to my daughters (10 and 12).
First comment was "Oh my, can you imagine how embarrassed his daughter was?"
They've never seen anything like that ....

We haven't been to much outside our town ... few comments now and then ..... most parents here chat to themselves (some don't even watch their kid)

Pretty sure the parents from my DD's Travel team (12U) will not do that and the coach won't allow ANY coaching/negative comments from the side. I've been asked to do the book...no coaching, just the book and relay batting/pitching observations to coach only.
Two many cooks gets confusing....he wants them only listening to one source...
...perfectly fine with everyone at this point!
Sep 18, 2008
This is outragous. I can't believe that guy. What a waste of perfectly good sunflower seeds.

Actually I've never seen anyone that stupid, but I've seen a few pretty close.
Jul 29, 2008
This past summer on the field next to ours, a players brother or boyfriend, in his baseball uniform, got in a heated argument with an umpire. Boy spit in the umps face, ump called TD to call police, boy went running to the parking lot and left.

Unfortunately, the player and her teammates refused to give the kids name since the ump made it clear he was pressing charges. Team got ejected from the tournament.

I don't know how you keep your composure and not grind his face into the fence, teenager or not.