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Stinging hands, anyone??

Hey, y'all! I'm sure you're going to get sick of seeing me post - just trying to learn! At practice last night, my dd was the first to bat off of the pitching machine. We've told her to wear her batting gloves and sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. I was talking to another mother and heard the crack of the bat. When I looked over, she was doubled down, grabbing her hands in pain. No batting gloves. Figured she hit the ball closer down and it sent the vibrations thru the bat. She sat out for 3 more batters and then tried again, with gloves. The same thing happened after about 10 pitches. Do any of y'all have a suggestion or reason that it would have happened? This has never happened to her before and she was scared - thinking something was seriously wrong with her hand. I would appreciate any words of wisdom here! Thanks a million!
May 7, 2008
Yeah. She is missing the sweet spot and/or she is using a cheap bat.

I see girls do it, too. I tell them that that is a self correcting mode and they need to change where the bat is hitting the ball.

If you have any video of her, we could check her swing and posture.
I have had your problem also, it could be that the head of her bat is coming out before her hands. You might also hear this as keep the knob to the ball so your hands will come out first. Hope I helped :)
Thanks! I'm going to mention that knob to her this afternoon before practice and see if it rings a bell. It may not with her, but I bet it will with her coaches! I just don't want her to be afraid to hit the ball for fear it's going to sting every time. I haven't seen her drop like that in a really, really long time! :eek:
May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
Dimpled rubber pitching machine balls fly better & dont sting the girls hands. We use them almost exlusively with the pitching machine- it gives the girls a better experience, & helps eliminate the fear factor.


May 7, 2008
The diameter of the handle/grip might be too small for her. If the bat is a year or two old, her hand size might have outgrown it.