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Still in retirement

Jul 14, 2017
Hope everyone is having a good fall season.

Last time I wrote, I shared that we decided to skip tryouts when our travel season ended on a disappointing/frustrating note.

I could tell that most of the joy of playing had been sucked out of dd and felt she needed a break.

DD plays volleyball for HS so she has been active with that. I am already in softball withdrawal We had a discussion about looking for teams before winter workouts start. DD shared that instead of finding a travel softball team, she would like to try club volleyball.

She made varsity as a freshman last year in softball, so I told her she should get in the cages to help stay fresh.

Enjoy EVERY expensive, exhausting and frustrating moment that comes along with travel softball. You never know when your DD has played her last game.

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Aug 19, 2015
Atlanta, GA
I don't know what position she plays, but our TB team was trying out two pitchers today (in mid-October). There's always a team still looking.
Jul 31, 2013
It goes fast. A year and a half ago, my softballer hung up her catcher's gear to play volleyball in college. Having checked that off her list, this last year, hung up her sneakers for nursing scrubs. When your kid, in their prime, comes to you with a logical reason why it's time to hang it up, you then realize they learned what they were supposed to along the way.....and I would do it all again (if she wanted).
Jan 18, 2018
From the parent of a junior in college, please take this message to heart. It goes by really fast and as said above, the ride can end at any time. I am already dreading the day my daughter hangs up the cleats. It has been a great ride for our family, and I am sure it has been for your families as well. Enjoy every tournament, game, inning, at bat, and pitch!!
Jun 29, 2013
DD is in 7th grade and we are facing exactly the same thing. She loves middle school volleyball, wants to try out for club volleyball, hates softball, etc. I honestly think if she were in a different situation her outlook on softball would be different, but maybe not. We will finish the season (less than a month) and go from there. You are so right about not really knowing when it comes to an end. My hope is time away brings a new perspective, but we'll see.
Jul 14, 2017
I don't know what position she plays, but our TB team was trying out two pitchers today (in mid-October). There's always a team still looking.
Although DD is not a pitcher, that was my thought when tryout season began. Most teams, even some of the top ones, will take a good player at any given time, so I encouraged this break.

But each day, each week that she doesn’t pick up a bat or a glove, makes me think this is a permanent thing

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