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"Stealing" 2nd question....

I read a thread last night about this and this morning, can't find it again for reference. I'm new, so bear with me. We play Dizzy Dean ball. We are fixing to go to the World Series next weekend. During regular league play, I noticed that sometimes (but not often), the girl who hit the ball would tag first and keep on trucking to 2nd after the ball was in the circle. I have scoured our rule book for an example, or explanation, of how that works and have come up empty handed. We have some girls who fly faster down the line than mosquitos in the summer and I know they could get around to 2nd, no problem. What is the deal with that rule? It has always been our "teaching" that when the ball is in the circle, play stops on the field.

We also played all season long with the understanding that you could steal PRIOR to release of the ball from the pitcher. It wasn't until we were playing in a tourney a couple of weeks ago that the ump told us that was wrong - only when the ball passed home plate could the runner advance and steal. Apparently, there was some ammendment made to the Dizzy Dean rule book and it was sent out to people. Needless to say, none of the people in our league got that memo, as we stole and stole and stole - won one game purely on steals!

Just looking for a little clarification on this, please. Thanks a million!


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
The rule is 19.22 in the Dizzy Dean rule book. The way the rule works is that once the ball is controlled in the circle, a base runner cannot hesitate. She either must go to the next base or immediately return to the previous base.
May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
stealing second

District 7 connecticut....
On a walk with a runner on thrid we ALWAYS (not with two outs unless we know no one can catch) have the runner go directly to second...do not stop at all.
Every now and then they throw and our runner on 3rd comes home. Either way, not a force anywhere so more flexibility.

Reg season rec ball....ball must cross plate before runner leaves base .... been called on that several times!
Same with All Stars.

We spend a lot of time trying for extra bases and usually round pretty far.
Taunting rule so runner has to make immediate decision to run or go back.....but a lot of times the pitcher doesn't even look at the runner so we go for an extra base.
We are allowed to round base, stop and go back....but if you stop, you have to go back.

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