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Staying Open: All Arm

Mar 8, 2009
My D.D. is 15. Pretty good pitcher, cruises around 55.
Problem is, she is totally open at release. (shoulder & hips.. all arm)
After release, closes nicely. Need help to get her to close quicker.
Any drills... something she should think about while pitching..
Close, snap hip ?
Mar 8, 2009
Yes I do, but don't know how to post it.
Watching video shows leap off rubber about 2' - 3' , but then back leg does not drive into front leg until ball is released.
Maybe I should of asked the question another way... How do I get her to drive her back leg into front leg, thus creating some closure of hips and shoulders ??


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Is the video in digital format? If so, you edit it down to about 1 or 2 minutes, post it to YouTube and then post the link to the video in the forum. This particular problem is going to be tough because you are dealing with a very intricate portion of the pitching motion.

Your DD is right at the speed breaking point--5 more MPH and if she has a good breaking pitch, then she has a chance to go D1. If she stays at 55 MPH, she is headed for D3. So, "tinkering" with her motion is necessary, but you can really foul things up if you do it wrong.

The sequence is: (1) hips open (2) arm goes by hips (3) hips close slightly (4) ball is released and (5) hips close the rest of the way. Look at the very first post labeled "Pitching Videos" and look at the Jenny Finch videos. You can see the proper angle for the hips at release. The hips aren't totally closed at release.
Mar 8, 2009
Thanks for the response Sluggers..
Unfortunately, video is not digital.
The sequence you layed out is exactly what she does, but no closer at all until after release.
What do you think I should do? Tell her to snap hip quicker or drive rear leg quicker into front leg, thus creating closure.
We're so close, I don't want to mess things up. I do think getting the lower half into the pitch will get us 2 - 3 mph plus better spin.


May 7, 2008
How tall is she?

Unless she is 3 feet tall, she is taking a stride length that is very weak even for a step style pitcher. She is not throwing with 'All arm',, she is throwing with 'All shoulder' and has a good chance of hurting herself.

Send me an email at ceramatech_engineering@yahoo.com and I can send you something that can help extend that stride length.

May 12, 2008
Analog video can also be converted to a clip. Used to do it back in the day before I bought a mini DV camcorder. Probably easier to go borrow a friend's mini DV camcorder or some such, make a clip and post it. Slugger is right. At best all are using the SWAG method when trying to help you without a clip.
Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
While we wait for the video could someone comment on this. I think it relates to the hip close issue. Video posted by BoardMember on a thread related to my daughter opened my thoughts on this. I believe I see it clearly in the sticky pitching thread with Yukiko Ueno pitching.

Do others see a differential in how much the hips open and the upper torso and shoulders open. It appears quite often that the hips on these top pitchers do not open all the way perpendicular to the target but the shoulders do. This may create a tension or pull that aids in velocity and as the arm catches up the hip continues to rotate slightly more closed as the arm passes and releases. After this point the hip may follow the arm closed or the trail leg may just slide the hip forward thus staying mostly but not totally open.

One thing to look at might be the foot plant angle of coachb's daughter. A plant over 45degrees would reduce the inclination of the hip and lower torso to want to get involved in the process. Thoughts?
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
learned years ago from Cindy Bristow at a NC clinic, that many of the best pitchers in the world do NOT snap the hips closed, same a Cheri Kemp says. The old days - Open and Close causes lower back injuries and the hips should NOT be the driving force, the legs are, and often times the pitchers that "Open-Close" are releasing the ball AFTER their hips close vice release and letting the body close naturally. Michelle Smith is a believer, and states so every game she announces, the body is angled at apporox 45-55 degree angle on release.
Cat Osterman also talks about NOT focusing on the close, stay open longer to allow movement pitches to work better.
** I've taught both ways, I am more comfortable teaching "Open-Close", but quite honestly, there are much smarter people then me telling me to get away from that.
-- REF Leg Drive: I work a drill a couple times a week where I'll grab the sweats leg or sock on the pivot foot and on the pitcher's stride, she has to pull the drive leg into the back of the knee of the stride leg.
One legged start (Stride foot off ground, start w/ slight bend in Pivot foot leg) works for exploding off rubber - BUT CONTROLLED and deliberate, not rushed or the most important part of the motion may be rushed.. from the top down! Walk thrus work exploding naturally.
I'm interested in others thoughts. thanks!

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