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Spring Training Options for HS

Apr 20, 2018
La Crosse, WI
Good morning all, I am currently the JV coach/travel coordinator at a HS in Wisconsin and am looking for Spring Training ideas for 2019. We currently go to Disney every other year and would like to do something less expensive in the off years. We're looking at the Cal Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach for next year. Anyone have experience with that organization/event? Any other destinations I should be looking at?

Thanks for all your help!!

Feb 7, 2014
Wow - Disney ! I'm impressed. I am amazed schools/coaches facilitate that kind of expense. I grew up in Wisconsin and attended a school that won the state tournament regularly, but I don't think they ever traveled out of state. That being said I guess times change ! Have you looked in to 'dome tournaments' in Minnesota or Iowa ? Just a thought - good luck.
Sep 29, 2010
Knoxville, TN
Not sure what week you go to Disney, but the local schools in TN have been disappointed with the small number of teams and lack of competition that show up during our spring breaks. Gulf Shores HS puts on the Gulf Coast Classic I, II and III for three consecutive weeks in March. We have been the last two years and the competition by the second round of bracket play is really good. There are teams from several states that come every year. I highly recommend this tournament if you’re looking to play some good teams early in the season.

Here’s a link to last years three tournaments to give you an idea of how many teams show up annually.
Here’s a link to contact the coach.
Gulf Coast Classic I

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