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Feb 18, 2014
We were talking post game, our catcher had lined the pitcher in the thigh. Talking to her parents about her hit, they told the story that last year, before we joined the team, she hit a bomb over the fence.
As she's rounding third there is a little boy crying out past the fence.

Her bomb, hit and killed a $1200 6 month old yorkie.

Nov 29, 2009
Not quite as tragic as the puppy incident. DD's playing in HS. One of the schools they play at has the field near a parking lot. Everyone who's been to the school knows there is an area of the parking lot that is VERY dangerous for foul balls being hit there. Those parking spots are ALWAYS open during a game. The mom of a freshman player on the team shows up late for the game and parks in one of the open parking spots. She must have though "WOW!!! This great! A parking spot close to the field." As she's walking from her car to the field a foul ball is hit hard that way and broke the rear window out of her very expensive SUV. We never got a chance to warn her.
May 20, 2015
similar to post two: we played a team a few years back that was ultra expensive, sign a contract type of team....we saw two like that from the same state that year, and this was def the less legit of the two.....and their attitudes from coach to player to parents showed this

one parent pulled up last minute in their mercedes.....parked right at the top of the walkway that led to the field, cut right in front of my folks her were walking back from their car with lunch......and were very rude in the process

DD #1 fouled off a few pitches in her first at bat.....we scored 3 off their #3 and they had to go to the ace, a move they clearly didn't want to make......they smoked us, but one of those foul balls smoked the windshield of the of my proudest dad moments right there


Bucket Dad
Jan 9, 2019
Mishawaka, IN
In a 12U tournament last Summer, A team known for having "disruptive" parents and coaches got into a dispute over a game ending call and one of the pitchers parents punched the UIC in the face.

The police were called out and questioned the coach who refused to give the name of the parent up.

The team waited 2 hours for their next game (semi-finals).

The UIC gave the head coach an ultimatum at game time. Give up the parents name or be booted from the tournament (USAAA)

The coach refused to give up the information and 12 girls left the field with their heads low... a few crying.

A sad ending for those girls unfortunately. But I feel the right call from the UIC.
Nov 26, 2010
Wow I could go on all day. 13 years of softball. And a combined 35+ years of other sports with my kids.

Favorite might be when my dd (14 u at the time) was at bat, 2 outs, bases loaded 3-0 count coach gives my dd the take signs. and the pitchers mom yelled out how my dd didn’t want to swing the bat, so just throw it down the middle. Coach waves off the sign and gave her the swing away sign, which is basically his hands held in a smalll circle. Which he says means pick one small spot and if the pitch is there hit it. Right down the middle and she crushed a line drive into the gap. Hit off the fence. 3 runs came in.

Very satisfying that the coach had faith and she delivered.
Feb 17, 2014
At the park where DD grew up playing and started her travel career, there are 5 fields all in a line, Fields 1-5. There is a single line of parking about 20 yards away from the fence on the 3B side, all the way down the complex. The main road of the complex runs behind these parking spots. On the other side of the road near Field 3 is one other field, Field 6 and the concession stand. The LF fence of Field 6 is only 170 because of the road.

A dad on DD's team parks under a tree hoping the tree protects his car from foul balls coming from Field 3. Of course, his car takes a foul ball to the windshield and it breaks. The first time he's there after getting the windshield fixed, he parks pretty much in the same spot, but he backs in so that his rear window is facing Field 3 instead of the windshield.

Girl hits HR off Field 6 and shatters his windshield.

Dude never parked near a field again.
May 6, 2015
lost a windshield when watching a boys HS BB game (no child of mine involved, but kids we knew).

nearly broke hand protecting DW's face from FB line drive down third base/LF line (everyone was certain I had broken it based on sound and the swelling, got lucky).

that's about the worst of it, beyond losing an ezup in the wind.

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