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softball pics

May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
We have a father who has excellent camera equipment taking pics of our games.they are really useful on picking apart poor fundamentals. My DD is in a lot of the photos pitching.I am concerned about the body angle she shoows in the pics, but it seems to be only after release... Im not much of a pitching coach- could use some input here. hanks- Lane

Tri-City Thunder Softball 2008- Albums

pics7-13 at linesville & 1,2,43,44 at fcva

Ken Krause

May 7, 2008
Mundelein, IL
I will take a crack at it. Seems to me like she's leaning out too far to her left as she releases the ball, except for the last picture at FCVA. Is that your concern? Part of it could be what her glove arm is doing as she pitches. It seems to be flying way out to her right. The lean could be her body's attempt to balance against that arm.
May 22, 2008
NW Pennsylvania
Im just trying to get the most speed & consistancy out of her possible. you may be on to something with the glove hand. I have been trying to tell her to throw it straight out to the plate........


Super Moderator
Staff member
May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
She has got some problems.

Her weight is way too far forward and her right shoulder is up instead of down. (Linesville: DSC-8255 & DSC-8257) I have no idea how she even throws the ball that way.

It looks like her hand position is all messed up. For a fastball, the back of the palm faces home plate. If you look at those two pictures, you'll see her hand position is wrong, and further the hand position isn't the same in either one. She can't be consistent if she does different things each pitch.

In DSC_8524 from FCVA, you see that her hand position is better (back of hand is facing home), but her right shoulder is at the same height as her left shoulder, and she is way, way out in front with her weight on her left foot, and she is closed.

If she is serious about pitching, she has to get to a good pitching coach. She basically to start from scratch and build her pitching motion correctly.

You can't build a good pitcher without a good coach. If she isn't going to go to a pitching coach, she would be best forgetting it and concentrating on some other part of the game.



May 7, 2008
Only looked at a few.

Step style pitcher, double pump wind up.

For a stepper, she is starting her push off from the rubber a little too soon. Her stride foot is coming out as the ball is at it's farthest point behind her. Bring it back and start it coming forward BEFORE the stride foot takes off, bring the ball back to the leg in it's forward motion and THEN start the stride.

It's throwing her timing off for the best speed.

Her stride foot is touching down a little too late as far as the ball's position in the windmill circle. She is slowing down that stride to try and make it in better time with the windmill circle. Start the stride later, so it happens faster. Never slow one part down to keep up with another, speed the slower part up to keep up with the faster part.

Her glove is going way off course and surely messing with her accuracy. Keep that glove pointing straight at your target. Shove it out towards your target HARD and in a straight line, that assisits in opening up the shoulder and the hips. Then, pull it back straight and hard to the 'holster' position, to assist in closing and for better balance. NEVER let the glove go flying willy nilly wherever, that screws EVERYTHING up.

She looks strong and seems to have a tendancy to be aggressive with the stride. Her mechanics are holding her back. You might want to change her over to leap and drag pretty soon. That might be why you are having some concern at her ending. She is coming forward stronger than the step style mechanics are going to allow.
May 7, 2008
The reason her bare hand position is off is because her grip needs works. Her thumb is on the side of the ball and not under it. I tell students that the thumb should be directly under the middle finger.

Good luck and have a happy 4th. I bet you never expected replies like this. :)