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Softball Mom from Nebraska

Sep 16, 2020
Hello everyone! I am a single mom from Nebraska who has the drive to learn more about softball and specifically coaching softball, as I want to start coaching or at least assistant coaching my daughter's team as she grows through it. She played for the first time last year and despite it being a 5U team, it was a lot of fun! Softball is big in the Omaha area that we live in, and I am excited for this journey for us.
Oct 3, 2019
There is an older book out there, I think called, Baseball Skills and Drills by Bragg Stockton. It has some interesting illustrations showing proper form in all of the required motions for fielding, hitting, etc. He uses stick figures and it's remarkable at how well it demonstrates the required athletic movement for playing baseball as well as softball. It's very simplified so that a younger player might be able to grasp. Check it out if you can find it. He has many books out there; I'm referring to the green and white soft cover version.
Also, it's very important to teach proper throwing. A lot of young kids push the ball or don't get their arm back properly or high enough. I think this is one of the first things to teach because, a good, strong throwing skill is vitally important at all positions.


DFP Vendor
Aug 5, 2019
South Louisiana
Welcome to the forum. Theres alot of very knowledgeable members here who once were where you are starting out now. Definitely ask whatever questions you might have.

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